Monday, May 30, 2011

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Sunglasses That Flatter Your Face Shape

Sunglasses do the serious work of shielding your eyes from harsh and damaging solar rays and they're pretty powerful fashion statements. The best pairs transform your look from studious to sultry and from mundane to mysterious, though your face shape determines which styles flatter best. Here we present our prettiest picks for your peepers.



The heart-shaped face can also be described as somewhat triangular since it's broader at the top and temples, then tapers down to a slim chin. Smaller scale, rimless sunglasses are ideal for you because large heavy-rimmed styles make a narrow jawline look overly sharp. Avoid wide-topped pairs, oversized lenses, busy detail work and high sides. (As with all face shapes, it's preferable if the frames don't echo your contours but reflect the opposite.) Lighter colors, thin nose bridges and frames with wider bottoms like the ultra-hot aviator style—especially those sporting on-trend metal frames—work wonderfully. Those newly hot cat-eye sunglasses also look marvelous on a heart-shaped face.



For the strong square face, where the forehead, sides and chin are almost equal in width, you may want to soften your angles with rounded shades. Super popular '70s-style oversized round sunglasses will look fantastic on you. (Those with smaller square faces should scout out scaled-down versions of the iconic "Jackie O" specs.) Avoid sharp angular rims, especially squares, and aim for a more curvilinear feel with aviators, narrow ovals or circular lenses. Frames that reach the edge of your face or a little beyond, like sporty wrap styles, will de-emphasize a large jawline. Also choose frames that have more width than height, a high nose bridge and darker lenses.


Your face is curvy and soft with no harsh angles, a shape as wide as it is long, and there are lots of specific hints for your best shading. First, the don'ts—no round lenses, and try to pass up pairs with embellishment (or even color) on the lower rims—semi-rimless and those cool new '70s-inspired gradient lenses will help here. Shield sunglasses, or octagons and rectangles (like the classic Wayfarer) are the pairs to shoot for, as those straight lines help thin out the face, and higher temples add height. Create the look of wider set eyes with clear bridges and look for decorative temples to add more shape to your face. Darker colors and classic patterns like tortoise-shell will minimize fullness and add definition.


The most extroverted big shades of the season really suit the longer, oblong face. Although this year's retro-'70s oversized sunglasses aren't on the gargantuan scale of some season's past, it's still difficult to wear them on a shorter face. Lengthier faces have the real estate to sport bold-sized specs with heavy top lines, loud colors and funky-cool odd shapes. Embellished sides and intricately designed open temples are in vogue and add width to your face in a supremely stylish way. A longer nose sometimes accompanies an oblong face —wear glasses with a lower bridge to visually cut the length. If you have a shorter nose, try a high bridge for the opposite effect.


This is the most balanced face shape, with the jawline being slightly narrower than the forehead, noticeable cheekbones and just enough softness to keep you from looking sharp or angular. The oval is also the ideal face for sunglasses because you'll look smashing in almost any style. You can either stick to the more sedate and traditional versions or go the adventurous route with bold pairs like the big, round Jackie Os, oversized squares, super-trendy cat eyes, or sleek, futuristic wraparounds and shields. Fanciful butterfly shapes and geek-chic squared-off frames also work well. Of course, those with smaller oval faces should stick to more delicate, even rimless frames, while larger faces are made for the latest blink-and-you'll-miss-it trends.

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